Beware of this BAITERS!
What’s a BAITERS?
A”Baiter” is a Builder which will estimate a ridiculously low cost per square foot dollar sum. The minimal cost per square foot catches your attention. The strategy/ploy then entices one to get in touch with the Custom Builder. It’s when you begin”peeling the onion” which you begin to understand that the ridiculously low cost per square foot amount did not contain everything (website work, all permits, etc.. .) And has been offered with reduced grade / sub-conventional substances. This includes, but isn’t restricted to, all the licenses, all the essential site work (drive, excavations, septic, etc..).) And all the essential hookups (water & sewage, septic & well, gas & electrical ) custom home builder tampa. NO surprises afterward, when it is too late. If you aren’t a handyman you are going to need the Custom Home Building procedure to be full “Turn-Key”.

3) Make certain that you pay a visit to a few Custom Homes which are under construction to test out”Build Quality” and real materials used. Should you find that a subcontractor/seller on site, do not occupy an excessive quantity of time (they’re working) but inquire “Would you enjoy working for this specific Custom Builder?” Whether there are some payment issues or even if it’s a poorly run job site you perhaps surprised by the blunt answers you are going to get. See the state of the work website. Might it be cluttered or messy? This might be a symptom of an “I do not care” attitude. EVERY week you need to be informed of exactly what events have been scheduled on your house for this specific week. Pictures, emails, telephone calls, etc.. Are excellent tools to get a Maryland Custom Home Builder to remain in contact with their client.

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5) Be sure ANY builder you are thinking about has EXCELLENT customer testimonials. Contact several testimonials and inquire about their general experience with the Custom Builder. If people were not pleased with their experience – they’ll inform you.